Training plan and prices


Training to be a pilot consists of both theoretical and practical parts and takes place at ARGO.Aero FLIGHT ACADEMY

To begin practical training, start by studying the theoretical course for a private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) for Aircraft, called the PPL (A).

Theoretical training takes place through the self-learning platform of our partner Avioner, details under the Theoretical Training tab

Practical training is provided by instructors who have many years of experience, conducted at the school or, for a group of people, in their own area prepared for takeoffs and landings.

The Gyrocopters and helicopters used for pilot training have a double control system which allows flying and studying under instructor supervision.

The school flight costs 160 Euro/hr net

Within one working day, an instructor can effectively train for a maximum of 4 hours:


8.00 am - preparation of the machine for work (cleaning, refueling)

9.00 am - student arrival

10.00 am - training window #1

11.00 am - training window #2

12.00 am - training window #3

13.00 pm – lunch break

14.00 pm - training window #4

15.00 pm - training window #5

16.00 pm - training window #6

17.00 pm - completion of debriefing

18.00 pm - closing of the day, reports, documents


Demo Program, net prices:

10 '- 40 Euro

20 '- 60 Euro

30 '- 90 Euro

40 '- 120 Euro

50 '- 150 Euro

60 '- 180 Euro


Discount for groups -10% for a minimum of 4 people, max. 6 people

Flying School Topics:

AIR SAFARI – A gentle program

ACTION 3D – A more sportive program that gives a more dynamic impression of what the Xenon can do.



Age: Minimum 15 years, with a guardian signature required up to 18 years old

    Maximum 132 years, with a medical fitness certificate for the over 80’s!

Passenger weight up to 115 kg

Health – Those with heart defects are excluded from flying

Diligence - alcohol and drugs exclude flying

Height - people over 2 meters tall may experience some discomfort

Options - Cameras inside and out, Gyrocopter film in Full HD - Customer receives a 1 GB SD card with the recording - cost 6.50 Euro



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