ARGON 915 iS First class Gyrocopter

Really ultimate Gyrocopter

ARGON 915 have incomparable room space in the Gyrocopter market  and the best factory engine with world wide warranty,

the  ROTAX 915 iS

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The ARGON 915 iS gives you more visibility

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The huge area of windows provides views incomparable to airplanes. Be amazed by the 360-degree view of your surroundings.

Discover new adventures with great avionics

New instruments panel with a new top-shelf avionic set GARMIN Gx3 with a three-axis Auto Pilot, Single Lever Controll and the best propeller on the market - MT Proppeller with a hydraulic governer.

Woodcomp with electric governer and constant speed control

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ROTAX 915 iS the most trusted engine

Engine informations

Dynamic engine with best power-to-weight ratio, full take-off power and a service ceiling up to 23.000 feet

ARGON 915 is the first class Gyrocopter exceeding all your expectations

ARGON 915 has twice the ground clearance than other Gyro.

The wider wheelbase provides much more stability, especially when taking off and landing on grass or a random landing pad.

STABILITY The key of safety

The ARGON 915 iS has a much wider stabilizer for maximum stability. The height of this stabilizer is directly aligned with the centerline of the propeller's thrust to maximize its effectiveness.

ROTOR-TECH  The best in standard

ARGON 915 has the best Gyrocopter rotors as standard, hand-made of carbon and Kevlar by ROTOR-TECH, a department of the company dedicated to rotors for helicopters and Gyrocopters.

ERM - All details at your screen

ARGON 915 is digitized and available online in the Electronic Parts Catalog integrated with the online spare parts store and the Customer Panel.



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