The European version of the AK1-3


Multi‐purpose two‐seater light helicopter AK1‐3

Has been created for comfortable, fast and safe travel

 Helicopter AK1‐3 has the following advantages in its class:

 ‐ Excellent controllability, flight stability, maneuverability, low vibrations and noise level due to an ideal design balance and a three‐blade rotor;

 ‐ Efficient performance and aerodrome service independence due to use of А‐95 gasoline and small overall dimensions. Helicopter AK1‐3 is operated in many countries of the world: Poland, Austria, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Georgia, Italy, Canada, China, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Slovakia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France and The Republic of South Africa.




Light 2‐seater helicopter AK1‐3 is designed by DB "Aerocopter" in cooperation with ASTC Antonov, OJSC Motor‐Sich and the Kharkov Aviation Institute.

 AK1-3 is distributed by ARGO Aero Rotorcraft Center in Warsaw, Poland.

 Aerocopter AK1‐3 meets the requirements of airworthiness standards for rotary‐wing vehicles of normal class AP‐27.

 The helicopter has a single‐rotor configuration with a tail rotor. The cabin has width 1200 mm at shoulder level and provides ample accommodation for two persons.  Hot molded polycarbonates are used in the cabin design to ensure wide visibility and comfort. The cabin is equipped with a heating and ventilation system with use of defogging air.

 The helicopter is equipped with the reciprocating liquid‐cooled engine EJ‐25 powered by gasoline with an octane rating no less 95.

 The rotor is made of composite materials.

 The helicopter flight and navigation equipment allows it to carry out flights in VFR weather conditions, during the day‐time, according to visual flight rules over the temperature range –18 to +35˚С.

 The minimum working platform area is 7x8 m

 Periodic maintenance checks for helicopter AK1‐3 are executed each 50, 100, 500 and 1000 flight hours of the helicopter.


More information about technical details  ARGO AK


Length of the helicopter, both rotors turning, m


Helicopter height, m


The maximum fuselage width, m


Main rotor diameter, m



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