The cabin design is a patented technology, which is used all over the world.

Made from an integral double layer of Infused Carbon Composites, with a fully monolithic structure, integrating a safety cage made by Forged Carbon and safety airbags.

Full flat double skin floor, with integrated rails for multipurpose uses.

It can accommodate 4 independent seats for 4 passengers.

Behind the passengers, a double firewall insulates noise from the engine compartment, and hosts two independent luggage compartments.

Anti-explosion fuel tanks with a capacity of 150 liters are located just behind engine / mast.

All controls and electrical circuits run inside the double floor for optimal protection.

The inspection doors allow access for installation and maintenance. The nose is made of digressive layers for frontal shock absorbency and includes large foot windows.

Doors can be opened fully without a central mount and are quickly removable.

Classic landing skids with attached wheels make it easy to operate and to park the helicopter.

The Oleo pneumatic struts provide smooth landings, also helping prevent possible ground resonance.

The main rotor system consists of 3 blades, with blade dampeners, retention pin and drag link.

High inertia rotor with blade includes tip weights, providing gentle, ample authority and safety autorotation.

The tail rotor is classic; 2 bladed, articulated, safely controlled by a pair of push-pull cable system.

Transmission is provided via a steel shaft. The tail fuselage is completely and easily removable, for perfect access to engine compartment.

It features a large horizontal tail for increased pitch stability.

The ARGO AH-3.4 has triple vertical fins. One main one at the back, with an active profile to remove power from the tail rotor at high speed, thus increasing the available power for lift and speed.

The horizontal winglets at the tail boom help to provide yaw stability.


Then engine is the UL Power UL 520

Engine characteristics:

- 4 stroke, 6 cylinder, horizontally opposed

- Dual (redundant) electronic spark ignition (variable timing)

- Electronic multi point fuel injection (pressure and temperature compensated)

- Electronic RPM limiter

- 7 bearing crankshaft with surface hardening treatment and additional large thrust - bearing (ball bearing type)

- Single central camshaft

- Push rods, tappets and OHV (hydraulic compensators have not been used)

- Wet sump forced lubrication with integrated pressure regulator

- Ram air cooled cylinders and cylinder heads

- Integrated permanent magnet AC generator, external rectifier-regulator

- Electric starter

- Electric fuel pump and pressure regulator to eliminate vapor lock and facilitate starting even under adverse conditions.


ULPower, model UL 520.


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