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 ARGO Aero Sp z o.o  proudly presents the inauguration of its ENTERPRISE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (A-ERM) designed by the Christopher Wronowski

and created by iSolution.

System better known as the  ARGO Aero Sp z o.o  WEB APPLICATION 2 (AWA 2).


CAWA 2  -   ARGO Aero Sp z o.o  Enterprise Resource Management is the first such advanced ERM system running in the cloud so you can work anywhere in the world and on any platform with access to the internet for an unlimited number of concurrent terminals and interface languages.


•The system is fully scalable, adapts to the most advanced data models.

• It is based on the MVC architectural pattern + and written in JavaScript and PHP so it is easy to install and has a low hardware requirements.

• It can operate on multiple databases at the same time.

• It has a powerful mechanism for defining the operation and allocation to groups of users.

• The system is integrated with most CAD application programs.


A few interesting facts about the system AWA 2:


At present system consists of 64 000 lines of code.

• This is equivalent to 15 000 pages of manuscript.

• Popular game Quake 3 contains 31 000 lines of code

• Runtime software spacecraft consists of 40 000 lines of code

• With service CLOC: can count the number of pure lines of program code.

• The analysis carried out by the means indicated that the Linux kernel to write from scratch would require the employment of 200 developers for 9 years and would cost $ 267 million US dollars

• Assuming the lowest possible price of $ 15 per line of code at the skimpy design and testing system CLOC AWA valued at $ 960 000.

• Assuming normal market price of $ 40 per line of code, the price increases to $ 2 560 000.

• Given the comparison to Darwin should create system for 10 years (As you know Darwin claimed: "It Appears writing some code is 6 times more time-consuming than writing a revolutionary scientific tome").

• Given that 67 people working for 40 months being able to write a million lines of code execution, time to create AWA 2 is 10 years.


The system works on the basis of three communication platforms:


1.Intelligent 3D Configurator


• Configurator allows you to create and view your own computer generated 3D machine in every color with additional options.

• Configurator automatically generates and updates based on engineering CAD assembly drawings imported by using a dedicated module.


2. Customer Panel :


• a.Electronic Parts Catalog intelligent function to generate orders (shop).

• b. The order management module parts (with the module shipping and tracking progress bar).

• c. The order management module of the Machines (with order tracking module and production stages).

• d. The module transaction history.


3. Administrative Panel A ERM:


• a.Access management module, lists of administrators and unlimited powers granted to any number of Administrators and Administrative Groups.

• b. Module Products - giving access to all the data on parts and assemblies and production activities from downloading for use in spreadsheets eg. MS Excel

• c. The CRM module in the customer management panels, the Companies, Users and operations for all entities with clear fully scalable calendar of events and system notifications and reminders.

• d. The CAD drawing management module and the ability to change the names visible to the customer and to define access to drawings for eligible groups of customers such as Home Owners, Repair, assembly plant

• e. The Configurator Module - 3D Configurator administration panel with full scalable and control, and with possibilities of working offline configurator download eg. the fair.

• f. Module Requirements Engineering - fully automated order processing machines based on requests from 3D Configurator formula implemented 4 eye policy verification and generation of sales documents and invoices separately for each stage of production. The module has a control panel and a panel of payment verification attachments upload any form. The module automatically generates the scale of the order progress seen in the Cabinet and downloadable documents - invoices and order forms on the client side.

• g. The module production - a very large panel overseeing any number of production stages with  time analysis of individual operations. Who made the recording stage of production, attention, time and progress percentage visible in clear calendar automatically generates a graph of progress automatically producing visible Customer Panel.

• h. The module Service -supervising maintenance work including periodic inspections and repairs automatically generates forms and invoices, cooperating fully with the CRM system. Prepared for use in the future, Remote Control Black Box.

• i. The module order parts - fully automated order parts from Electronic Parts Catalog formula implemented verification of orders 4 eye policy documents and generating sales. The module has a control panel and a panel of payment verification attachments upload any form. The module automatically generates the scale of the order progress seen in the Cabinet and the documents for download on the client side.

• j. With Sales - oversight panel automatically generated sales documents at the same time being a sales panel that gives the ability to generate accounting reports

• k. The module Donations - oversight panel over payments from customers prepared to automate and integrate with the banking system.

• l. The module configuration of the system - that gives the company the ability to define the data, orders and sales data, which defines the stages of production, colors, models and 3d renders views

• m. The module defines prices- amount and type of pricing discounts they are assigned.

• n. The module Measurement Units to define the units of measurement needed for generating invoices.

• o. Module Types of Payments - defines the methods of payment, account numbers and bank details.

• p. Module Delivery Method - defines the methods of delivery and payment

• q. Module Exchange Rates - automatic updater exchange rate tables Toll NBP exchange rates 3 times a day and write history courses.

• r. The module Currencies - defining currency in the system. You can use any number of currencies

• p. Xenon module - List of machines manufactured (Green Book)

• t. The module Renders - archive management with the ability to create animations in in 3d rendering

• u. The module Models - panel to define models managed in the system (any number of models)

• in. Module Model Agreement - a panel to define systems (section) assigned to each model

• x. The module versions of models - a panel to define models and their base price (any number of models)

• y. The module configuration Option Group - a panel to define the options Dec. 3D Configurator

• z.The module Mail - management for mails  system.


The system was developed in cooperation with the PARP and co-financed by the Operational Program Innovative Economy 2007-2013 Priority 8: Information society - increasing innovation economy.


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