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Manufaktura Lotnicza Sp z o o obtained the status of the Approving Entity No 21 in the field of:

VLR Gyrocopters UL-G


VLR Helicopters UL-H


We are the biggest ROTAX 915 authorized supplier in Poland

We are Authorized Dealer for the Edge Performance Engines

Usually we are building 10-20 aircrafts yearly.

In 2019 we build completely new molds, resigning from the 10-year old ones.

Each part has been redesigned and structurally tested, new certified resins and carbon fabrics have been used.

1. The new main cabin mold has been redesigned to provide the engine and other components with much better cooling.

2. Air ducts for blowing air into the cabin have been implemented in the structure of the cabin safety cage.

3. Air intakes for water coolers have been significantly enlarged. The fuel, oil and electric systems have been completely redesigned.

4. The rear firewall has been structurally rebuilt and reinforced, on which is placed a completely new frame for the powerful 915 is engine.

5. Landing gear pockets have been structurally rebuilt.

6.The engine housing has been completely changed to adapt it to the ROTAX 915 iS

7. We used new, top-quality interior trim materials and beautiful colorful paints from the McLaren and Lamborghini palettes

8. Shadow Line - All metal parts are black anodized

9. Carbon Look - exposed carbon on the airframe and interior.

10. Two new, powerful engines - ROTAX 915 iS 141 HP and Edge Performance STi 155 HP

11.We are first Gyrocopter company successful installed 3 axis AUTOPILOT to our ARGON 915


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Manufaktura Lotnicza owner telling his history:


Krzysztof Wronowski


Gyrocopter Instructor UAGP INS, TT more than 2000 hours

Helicopter Instructor UHPL INS, TT more than 1000 hours

Helicopter Pilot PPLH, TT 300 hours

Maintenance Certified Mechanic MM TM(AG)



I have been professionally associated with gyroplanes for over a two decade, I have flown hundreds of hours testing and training,

sometimes there were days when I was flying more than I was walking.

I participate in the development of the original Xenon associated with Celier Aviation almost from the beginning. From 2007 I was first exclusive XENONs Poland Distributor. After Trendak - Celier split in 2010, I have bean main investor and co-owner of Celier Aviation company. From 2010-2016 we are developed couple new models and we build the world distribution market. Finally 2016 I have decide to continue by my selves the production original designed Xenon

I was take over by the Polish Court decisions all copy rights and production of Xenon family. In 2017 I have re branded my company (Celier Aviation) to ARGO Aero, as I want separate from bad name of Raphael Celier away from my company.

At this time joined to me two associates who almost financially killed my. After a year of cooperation they try to make hostile takeover of Argo Aero company. They are stupid enough to make a lot of law mistakes and finally I have win court battle and keep my company, unfortunately completely empty. My unfair associates can’t take my original ARGO Aero, was create fake company FlyArgo Aero - the same like ADIDAS and ADIDOS or PANASONIC and PANASCANIC and trying do something, but he don’t have any knowledge and experience in aviation, only stolen technology...

When I almost lost my company in February 2018, I was very close to the collapse. At the same time, I had a problem with dishonest accomplices and lack of tools to work, it was a real nightmare for me and for a moment I even wanted to "throw a towel" ...

If I compare it to boxing, then my corner after such a brutal knocker would probably throw it and give it to me ... but I was battered, with both eyebrows cut open, with a black eye so that I could not see anything through them and dripping blood on my face. but I will get up and continue fighting.

If it was a ring, then I would come up to my trainer and tell him clearly in the face like Riddik Bowe during the famous, second fight against Gołota: "if you surrender it I will kill you, so choose - me or you."

It was just a moment when most people give up, after heavy blows, people say "NEVER AGAIN" and I in spite of everything I decided that I would rebuild my company, post production again, I will build and fly gyroplanes and helicopters, I will be the best pilot and instructor for my clients.

Apparently everyone has their armageddon in their lives - 2018 was my day of rehearsal. I fell, but I was born again, stronger than ever before ...

Yes, it's true, I'm an outsider, I have a deeply rooted idea of ​​"think different" which I would call a kind of rebellion because you have to have some rebellion in yourself to achieve success ...

We are indigenous to dreamers, we have unlimited possibilities and unlimited imagination with the passage of time, the "system" makes us stupefied by molding in a predetermined framework and patterns of social behavior. Those who do not give up and are lucky change the world, those who are not happy and who are weak end up on the street.

Helicopters have always been magical to me, as a child I built them with matches, wire and electrical entrails of dismantled toys together with my mother's brother, a dreamer similar to me. A few years later, during demonstrations, I watched with open faces helicopter MI2 and MI8 still with the same wonder surprised how they float in the air. Later, the system absorbed me for several years showing that there is nothing to dream about but you have to work hard as you want to live a dignity. But a perverse fate brought me together with the greatest dreamer I have ever met in my life - a French eccentric designer and an absolutely socially unfit "Piter Pan" - Raphael Celier. I helped him to get out of the troubles that fell at that time and we started working together on Xenon, C22 and C44 projects. Years of work in an international team, colorful all the colors of the rainbow and equally diverse ideas have taught me that nothing is impossible, and determination and faith can lead anyone, even the most incredible project to implement. Raphael loved autogyro and spent time with them, I stubbornly tried to build my beloved helicopters.

From my determination and pressure, the first ideas and designs of helicopters in our company were created. I found a niche in which there is room for a modern helicopter for four passengers safe, cheap, easy to use and pilot - a car substitute. I have developed and patented the international A-class patent with a super-modern and safe double-wall composite cabin structure separated by elastomeric cushions with integrated safety systems in the form of airbags to protect the crew in the event of a hard landing. I designed a power unit built from an internal combustion engine integrated with an electric motor so that in case of failure one can still safely land, if necessary we have double power available and most importantly, a helicopter with two engines has the possibility of entering the zone of dense urban ...

All this was tried to steal, deprive me of my dignity, humiliate me and trample him in the mud ...

I have not given up and after a year of hard work, I am one step further than others!

I have create completely new brands - Manufaktura Lotnicza, Rotor Tech and Flying School.

I have a great place to work - the airport EPSJ, from the window of my new office I see the most beautiful view for me- the runway. I built a new, the best machine so far in which I placed the first in Poland and the third in the world ROTAX 915 iS engine. I started serial production again.

Yes, it was the most difficult year in my life, but apparently God is not happy when we fall, but when we lift ourselves beautifully, thanking everyone for memory and birthday wishes, I wish you persistence and persistence to follow your own path that rarely leads straight to the goal ;)


About the XENON:


 - Great machine, excellent handling, plenty of space, visibility and ... constant problem - engine.

Such a large machine needs a whole herd of strong horses :)

Initially, based on the 80-horsepower Rotax 912, we built 125 horse-made remakes under the name CA, then as a base we used 100 horsepower 912 ULS after adding the turbine, the unit reaching 135 hp.

It can be described graphically as a harness cries to the coach, we combined the most incompatible parts of the mechanical puzzle - carburetor and turbocharging.

Similarly, only a few things in the world fit together, for example, a stick and an ass.

You can imagine that in order to increase the power by 45 hp, it is necessary to deliver a lot of air to the engine (turbine) and even more fuel (carburetor) in addition, once this fuel should be rich, other times it becomes impossible to fix. For this system, i.e. a petrol engine with a capacity of 1300 cc, we have fitted the turbine from 2.5-liter diesel (Iveco), you have a full picture of the problem. The importer only knows how many engines have been screwed, how many seized and destroyed, because how can you match such a Molotov cocktail?

To meet the demand for fuel you have to give large nozzles, raise needles, fuel is streamed (literally) and is not blown, the excess gets out through the hoses and goes into the air, the result of combustion at 25 liters and more / h :)

A turbine that is too strong all the time works on a bleed valve and blows half a whistle, but if something is cut, it will be able to spin the (literally) shaft.

Of course, in the end, it was possible to reach a compromise based on the fact that the engines worked and, surprisingly, their number in total, several hundred in the world. I flew myself many hours on these engines and honestly admit that apart from minor emergency situations that I can count on the fingers of one hand, there was no unpleasant surprise. I honestly admit that whenever I flew somewhere else, I always counted on a potential unpleasant surprise.

That's why when I found out that ROTAX was working on its factory turbocharged and injection turbo unit, I decided to put the first one in the queue :)

I kept my word and was the first customer in Poland in the second half of 2018 to receive my engine.

For a lot of money, however, I received more than I could have expected. In the set the manufacturer gives, among others, engine support, exhaust with a silencer, intercooler and a very extensive electrical installation.

Rotax rightly bet on safety and doubled all engine controls, computers, circuits, even applied two injectors per cylinder.

To start the engine you need to switch 9 (nine) circuits.

The biggest surprise is when the engine starts.

Actually, the whole launching process is a surprise, especially for people used to having chock and trying to run cold 912 in the cold :) reading pilots, you know what I'm talking about ...

The 915 iS engine surprises half a turn with a beautiful velvet bass grunt, accustomed to the boxer's clatter, it will be difficult to find a new reality.

FADEC, injectors, dozens of sensors that select the right mix composition, serial silencer make the cabin quiet and do not shake, the engine works like an electric and the sound of its work is a pleasant bass grunt that we joked with colleagues can be set as a ringtone on the phone and not receive when they call :)

This is not the end of surprises prepared for us by ROTAX specs, all the fun begins after the engine warms up, which happens surprisingly fast, I feel as if the engine had an internal oil thermostat.

The 915 iS has 141 hp, but these horses are different, comparing to the theoretical 130 hp with 912 ULST ... there is no comparison! In 912 there are ordinary horses, and in 915 race, racing stallions! The engine works literally like an electric one, there is no hole in power and it accelerates smoothly from 1700 idle to 5800 rpm of maximum power.

First impressions in the air - excess power, you have to be careful with the gas so as not to turn the engine, tearful, strong, fast.

take off with a large Xenon occurs after 25 meters, rising 1500 f / m.

V-max in two heavy, over 100 kg persons on board is over 210 km / h IAS 200 km / h GS.

Combustion is maintained at the level of 15-19 liters in two people while performing operations mainly involving take-offs and landings, i.e. over 30% less compared to 912 ULST

In order not to be so colorful, ROTAX gave us a new gear, 6 cm longer than the typical 912 with an oil outlet to control a variable propeller account, to which it a company in the world (MT proppeler) made a propeller and governor with an electronic constant speed system, a trifle for only EUR 12,000 set, cry and pay ...

Of course, pay now and delivery for 6 months because MT has already sold annual production and the abilities only have 35 propellers per week.

So far, 915 iS has two service bulletins with annotation "mandatory" before the next take-off, on the valves and turbine, it's good that the factory monitors security, badly that the parts to complete the bulletin had a monthly delay.

To sum up, 915 iS is not a small change, it's not an evolution, only a revolution and I think that the new Rotax is worth all the prizes he has received and as a satisfied user, he does not regret a single euro spent on his purchase



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