ARGON GTL More than you expected

The first really Grand Turismo gyroplane

Big room space, much more than classic ARGON

Dimension: 5,45 m (215.5") lenght and  2,45 m (96.3") wide

Big luggage compartment: you can take golf clubs, skis, surfboard, fishing rods, foldable bike and full size luggage.

1 m 2 (30 cubic feet) more than ARGON 915

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The GTL reinvented gyroplane traveling

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ARGON GTL offer new fuel tanks with a capacity of 130 liters, you can stay in the air for up to 5 hours of flight and get a range up to 1000 km (with external tanks)

Discover adventures with great avionics

New instruments panel with a new top-shelf avionic set

GARMIN Gx3 with a three-axis Auto Pilot,

Single Lever Controll and the best propeller on the market

MT Proppeller with a hydraulic governer.

Woodcomp with electric governer and constant speed control

Made your config

ROTAX 916 iS 160 HP and ROTAX 915 iS 140 HP 5 years warranty

Service informations

Dynamic iS engine with best power-to-weight ratio, full take-off power and a service ceiling up to 23.000 feet

ARGON GTL compare to ARGON 915



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