Flying - the eternal human dream

Every person, gazing at the sky, has always wanted to fly, to take leave of gravity and leap into the air.  For thousands of years we dreamed of flying like a bird, no longer trapped to the earth’s surface.

This is one of mankind’s greatest desires. To soar like a bird, to be free, to rise high and to see everything below, to be able to move in three dimensions ... Finally, this is now a reality, not just a dream.

One hundred years ago, more or less, the first men were able to take to the sky in a heavier-than-air machine.  Then came military aircraft.  Then expensive commercial aircraft on which, for a fee, you could ride as a passenger.  And now, only recently, it has become practical and affordable for you to own and pilot your own aircraft, a professionally-designed and safe machine that will take you to the skies.

Flying is not just being in the air, but an expression of how we live, what we do and what makes us yearn to fly ...

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the pioneers of aviation, spending a lot of time designing and planning to construct a flying machine.


Although the pure dream of flying free like a bird is not realised today, we have constructed machines that allow at least some part of this dream to be realised, in compensation.


We are talking of machinery that is much safer than a car, by which dreams become reality and are within easy reach of everyone.

"For once you have tasted flight you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been, and there you will long to return "

Leonardo da Vinci

The Gyrocopter - Your own flying machine for the price of a good car.

A Gyrocopter looks like a small helicopter, but an important difference is that the engine does not power the rotor. The rotor is self-propelled (which we call "autorotation") by the airflow up through the rotor disc.  As the rotor turns, it also produces lift, which keeps the aircraft up.  This means that a Gyrocopter is not seriously affected if the engine should stop in flight.  This, together with a very short landing roll (we can land in a very small open space, about the size of a putting green), means that a Gyrocopter is one of the safest methods of flying.

A gyrocopter also does not have a tail rotor. Since the engine is not connected to the rotor in flight,  there is no torque reaction to counter, and no tail rotor is needed.

Today, UltraLight Gyrocopters are one or two or three-seat aeroplanes whose maximum take-off weight does not exceed 560 kg. Modern Gyrocopters offer superb performance, comfort and above all have a safety record second to none in aviation.

Flying Gyrocopters is challenging, exhilarating and brilliant fun.

The ease of flying the Xenon IV

Gyrocopter Flying is a great adventure, exciting yet safe, producing incomparable sensations and pleasure.  Imagine being on a roller-coaster, only you get to decide the curve of the track, its ups and downs, and you can make it last as long as you want, instead of the ride being over in a few brief minutes.

Gyrocopters are easy to learn because after about 30 hours in the air and 30 hours of theory, we can get the skills and experience to self-pilot our machine.

Landings and take-offs can take place from all kinds of places; for example in a meadow behind our house.

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