The 2022 ARGON 915iS LONG GT – the first really Grand Turismo gyroplane.

Drawing on our extensive experience flying ARGON CLASSIC gyroplanes and earlier prototypes created for specific tasks, we have developed a

genuine GTL model ideal for long and comfortable journeys.

This model boasts the best payload/weight ratio, with a 600 kg maximum takeoff weight.

The ARGON GTL is 20 kilograms heavier than its predecessor, the ARGON CLASSIC, due to the use of aramid/carbon sandwich technology.

Aramid (Kevlar) is an incredibly durable material also used in the manufacturing of bulletproof vests. When carbon is combined with them, it

produces the most sought-after premium material for building aeroplanes.
























The ARGON Grand Turismo concept integrates the needs of our customers and listens to their opinions.

They told us:

* - "we want more space for us":

ARGON GT Long has enormous space, much more than the classic ARGON.

- "we want more space for our stuff":

In the ARGON GT's large luggage compartment you can put golf clubs, skis, surfboard, fishing rods, folding bike and full-size luggage.

* We want more comfort":

ARGON GT long have two size (L and XL) ergonomic McLaren shape seat's, standard central tunel height as in a classic gyroplane for ergonomic posture during long flights.

posture during long flights, the flight controls are in exactly the same place as in the standard ARGON version, with a pre-rotating throttle and two

and two places for cups or telephones.

* We want new, modern avionics and instruments":

At the request of our customers, we have developed a new top-of-the-line avionics set - GARMIN Gx3, equipped with a three-axis autopilot, combined with a

and the best in-flight adjustable propeller on the market - MT Proppeller with hydraulic governor.

We have designed a new instrument panel, we call it a flat panel as opposed to the old TV style version.

You could say we skipped an era.

* We want to fly longer distances:

We designed new fuel tanks with a capacity of 130 liters, now you can stay in the air for up to 5 hours and a distance of up to 1000 km.

new ergonomic armrest

* We want to fly safely over water for long distances:

We designed a CO2 inflatable water rescue system installed in the wings of ARGON GT Long.

Available versions of the ARGON GT Long:

Three-seater version with comfortable position for the whole crew

- No cargo doors when not needed

- Ultimate comfort large front windshield, ergonomic central tunnel, comfortable seats, GARMIN GX3 with autopilot avionics, Shadow Line,

Carbon look...

PRO versions:

- with or without front cargo door

- with or without wings (external fuel tanks)

- with new front panel or classic instruments


Frankly, from pilot to pilot:

The difference between a short and a long glider in flight is mainly size.

The ARGON 915 is 198.5" long and 87" wide.

The ARGON GTL is 216.75" long and 96" wide.

The ARGON 915 is agile and light, it is great for acrobatics, it can be compared to a sports car, for me it is a substitute for the Porsche 911.

The ARGON GTL is a typical Grand Turismo, bigger, more stable, even velvety in flight, but a bit less responsive to maneuvers, but more lazy.

its gliding perfection is much greater than in the smaller model. If I had to compare it to a car, it would be a Mercedes S-Class.

The top speed is not much different (about 5 kt, fuel consumption is similar) and the length of the glider is about 10% longer.

This is compensated by the spaciousness and the possibility of loading.

The ARGON GTL has 25 cubic feet more cargo space.

As usual, bigger is better.


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New 2020 model the ARGON 915 iS

The successor of the well known Xenon family. The cabin is a one-piece carbon fibre monocoque structure, similar to a Formula 1 racing car.

This reduces weight and provides additional safety for the crew.

The Argon 915 is a luxury model that goes above and beyond your expectations.

It includes top-notch features such as a carbon fibre interior, seatbelts that automatically buckle, electric trims, upgraded carbon composite landing

 gear, new  brakes and tyres, an MT hydraulic variable pitch propeller with a one-lever control system, LED lights for landing and strobes, a cabin

 heating system with a thermostat and windshield defrosting, a new pre-rotation system that can spin up to 250 rpm, and a high amount of inertia.

The Argon 915 is an aircraft with a carbon composite rotor and a powerful engine, the ROTAX 915 iS 141 HP.

It is professionally supported by a specialized computer system to ensure high-quality after-sales service and maintenance support for customers.

The online EPC parts ordering system is also available.

The Argon 915 is handmade by Manufaktura Lotnicza Kris Wronowski within 1000 hours of production and assembly.

The new instrument panel, finished in pure carbon composite, has been developed for avionics and GPS systems used by professionals.

The cabin now provides a more comfortable, spacious, and ergonomic environment than ever before. The Argon 915's high cruising speed

(up to 200 km/h IAS) and improved aerodynamics make it ideal for long-distance travel, and it also features a dedicated luggage compartment.


Comfortable and ergonomically designed, ventilated and heated leather seats, along with the highest quality interior finishes throughout, ensure

for a pleasant flight all the way. The doors have been redesigned in shape, size and attachment to further improve accessibility, comfort and safety.

Technical changes between previous models and the Argon 915:

 While maintaining the original concept, many refinements have been made in the Argon 915 update, which collectively add up to an astounding

safety, comfort and performance.

Some of these changes may not be immediately apparent, but they make a fundamental improvement to the strength, safety and comfort of the aircraft.

of the airplane.  The most significant changes are summarized below:

- Previous models did not have a monolithic mast "pocket".  This is now the case, dramatically improving mast support in this area.

- The central tunnel, which provides a structural "backbone" to the cabin, was previously glued in place.  Now it is fully integrated into the monolithic

 structure, greatly increasing its strength.

- A small lip protruding forward has been created to provide additional strength in this highly stressed area.  The lip allows the installation of a metal


 which is not structural.

- The main wheels of the undercarriage have been moved back by 5 cm, not only to accommodate the increased length of the cabin, but also to improve

 the take-off performance.

 to improve the take-off performance.  This shift increases the load on the front wheel of the gyro, which indirectly contributes to an increase in the

 load on the rotor during the initial phase of takeoff.

 during the initial phase of takeoff.  As a result, the rotor spins up faster, reducing the takeoff length.

- We have changed the design of the back of the cabin, it is now flat, without the "step" in the middle.  The exit of the controls to the rotor

 (in the lower rear section) is now covered by the monolithic rear surface of the cabin, which was not the case before.  This increases the strength of

 This increases the strength of the rear cabin wall at the bottom and protects this sensitive control mechanism, thereby increasing safety.

- The Argon 915 has rear windows behind the doors.  This increases visibility and improves safety.

- Additional NACA air ducts have been added to the upper cowl to improve cooling airflow to the top of the engine.

- All our molds have been indexed with reference points for all fasteners to improve assembly accuracy and repeatability for a higher level of quality

 control in production.

 of quality control in production.

- The doors have been redesigned with their hinges on the forward leading edge, with a revised door latch and safety backup to provide additiona

l security in the event of inadvertent opening.

 safety in the event of inadvertent in-flight opening.

- The instrument panel has been redesigned to accommodate the latest avionics and GPS systems and is now made of pure carbon composites along

 with all interior panels.

 of pure carbon composites.

- The inner headliner structure has been tripled in width to dramatically increase the forward / backward strength of the cabin.  This greatly improves

 support to sustain the mast traction and vibrations that can otherwise fatigue the frontal structure of the cabin, potentially leading to cracks in the

 windshield.  The new structure also strongly reinforces the roof of the cabin, so that now it is possible to stand on the roof when working on the rotors.

- We have ceased using carbon-kevlar mixes for the cabin construction, as this was found to be very sensitive to humidity and temperature.  We now

 use only carbon-fibre for the cabin and tail assembly.  This significantly improves strength and resistance to impact.

We have changed the nose shape to introduce dual “eye” shaped high-power LED landing lights to increase the nose tip point strength and to provide

 improved operation in low light.

-Positive tests of carbon composite hi inertia rotor give us reason to replace previously used aluminium rotors.


The Argon 915 package includes

- All monolithic carbon fiber cabin

- New ROTAX 915 iS 141 hp fuel injected turbocharged factory engine

- Automatic seat belts

- Carbon fiber interior - front panel, armrest panel and door panel

- Anodized aluminum wheels with high-strength tires

- Multi-piston hydraulic brakes, integrated to be flush with the rim

- Redesigned landing gear, more flexible, quick-release axle

- Exclusive medium gray velour interior, provides extra soundproofing

- New cabin heaters with high quality aircraft ceiling vents and windshield defrosters

- New instrument panel with classic pneumatic gauges, optional iPad 16 Gb or GARMIN instruments

- Leather ventilated seats with extra foam padding and optional electric back and seat heating

- Extra padding on leather central armrest

- Custom made high quality floor carpets

- Cabin light with two colors (red for night reading and white with touch sensitive activation)

- LED landing lights, 260W total power, providing 270 degrees of illumination and a long range of 500m

- High inertia carbon composite rotor with specially designed hub bar

- Fixed pitch Kaspar propeller or

- Variable pitch hydraulic MT propeller with single lever system






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The ARGON 915 Is is the access to a real professional gyroplane that complies with the new 600 kg MTOW regulations.

Over the last 6 years, the ARGON has become an icon of flying quality, combining the highest standards of safety and ergonomic design.

 The cabin is made from carbon in a one piece monocoque structure, similar to a Formula 1 racing car, providing additional safety to the crew.

 for the crew. The ARGON 915 iS is the first class version that exceeds all your expectations and includes

Electric trim*, improved landing gear, new brakes and wheels, variable pitch propeller*, LED landing lights & strobes, dual cabin heating with


 new prerotation system (up to 250 rpm), noise reduction with new exhaust and muffler*, 145 hp improved power from a new ROTAX 915 iS.

It is supported by a professional team to ensure after sales service and maintenance to the customers, e.g. with an online parts ordering system.

It is also manufactured in an industrial manner, in accordance with ISO9001 procedures. The industrialization process now in place, allows a high

 level of precision and

 of precision and repeatability.

The newly designed carbon fiber instrument panel is designed to correlate with professional avionics and GPS systems.

The cabin now offers a more comfortable and spacious environment than ever before. Combined with its high cruise speed and improved aerodynamics,

 the new

 improved aerodynamics, the new ARGON 915 iS is also suitable for long distance travel, with an appropriate baggage compartment.

 luggage compartment.

The comfortable and ergonomically designed leather seats together with the high quality interior will make your flight pleasant all the way.

 all the way. And the doors have been changed in shape, size and fastening.


ARGO Aero ... the power to make your dream come true


The ARGON STi is an athlete in the truest sense of the word, with a 155 hp Edge Performance engine providing an unparalleled flying experience, with speeds in excess of 210 kph not uncommon.

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The ARGON STi is the gateway to a professional gyrocopter that meets the new 560 kg MTOW regulations at an entry level price.

Over the last 13 years the XENON has become an icon of flying quality.  It has always offered a powerful combination of the highest safety standards

 and great ergonomic design.  The cabin is now a one-piece carbon fiber monocoque structure, similar to a Formula 1 racing car, which both reduces

 weight and provides additional

 and provides additional safety for the crew.

We keep it simple and effective.

The ARGON STi is the entry level to your personal flying experience or an ideal and cost effective member of your flight school fleet.

The ARGON STi is professionally supported by our team to ensure quality customer service and maintenance support to our customers, with a web


 online parts ordering system.  In addition, the ARGON STi is manufactured according to leading industry best practices and complies with ISO9001

 quality standards.

The quality management processes now in place allow for a high level of precision in quality control combined with repeatable performance.

The redesigned instrument panel was created to accommodate professional avionics.  The cabin now offers a more comfortable and spacious

 and spacious environment than ever before.  The comfortable and ergonomic leather seats, together with the high quality interior finishes throughout,

 ensure that your

 for a pleasant flight all the way.

With its high cruising speed and improved aerodynamics, the new Xenon 4 can be used for long distance travel with ease and now includes a dedicated

 baggage compartment.

 luggage compartment.

Finally, the doors have been redesigned in shape, size and attachment to further improve accessibility, comfort and safety.


ARGO Aero ... the power to make your dream come true



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The Argon Tripple replaces the well known Xenon 3 XL. It uses the efficient ARGON GTL airframe, internally reconfigured for up to three passengers, and

 complies with the new 750 kg MTOW MOSAIC regulations.

Over the last 6 years the ARGON has become an icon of flying quality. It is a combination of the highest safety standards and ergonomic design.

The cabin is made of carbon fiber in a one-piece monocoque structure, similar to a Formula 1 racing car, providing additional safety for the crew.

The central box has been redesigned to accommodate the pilot's central position, and the comfortable and ergonomically designed seats, along with the

high quality interior finishes, ensure a comfortable flight all the way. The new rear seats are also more comfortable and more reclined than before.

Passengers will also enjoy a new footrest. The instrument panel and controls have been completely redesigned to be modern and ergonomic.

have been changed in shape, size and attachment.

The Argon Tripple is backed by a professional team to ensure after-sales service and maintenance to the customers i.e. with an online parts ordering

system. It is also manufactured in an industrial manner, complying with ISO9001 procedures. The industrialization process in place, allows a high level

of precision and repetitive actions.

Combined with its high cruising speed and improved aerodynamics, the new Argon Tripple could easily be used for long distance travel. Of course,

the Argon Tripple is also a fabulous single or double seat with plenty of room for luggage.

The use of this version may be subject to specific rules and regulations in your country.



ARGO Aero ... the power to make your dream come true                                                                                  .


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