The biggest advantage is the engine

The highest determinant of safety is the factory, mass-produced, certified ROTAX 915 aircraft engine

featuring dual power and electronics systems. With this engine you have a warranty of up to 5 years valid anywhere in the world.

Our mechanics hold iRMT Training Certificates for ROTAX 912, 914, 912 iS and 915 iS engines

issued by the Rotax Authorized Training Organization. We specialize in servicing 915 iS engines


Pricing of maintenance work according to the schedule for ROTAX 915 iS engine:


25 h service - 1900 PLN net

100 h service - 1900 PLN net

200 h service - 2500 PLN net


The above prices for service according to the work schedule do not include operating fluids, filters, plugs, etc.

During each service computer diagnostics with data recording is performed in the price.


For work outside of our office, you should add a commute or an intake, depending on the weather


Airfare - cost 500 PLN net / 1 hour flight from the airport EPSJ


Travel - cost of 3 PLN net / 1 km of travel from the airport EPSJ

Authorized Services of Manufaktura  Lotnicza Sp z o.o


woj. Mazowieckie


MANUFAKTURA Lotnicza Sp. z o.o

Company headquarters, production plant

08-443 Sobienie Szlacheckie 64

Sobienie Jeziory


Demo aircrafts:  - ARGON 915 iS

                            - ARGON GTL

                            - ARGON STi


Mobile: +48 660 57 57 57

 Lotnisko EPSJ

woj. Wielkopolskie


Authorized representative of

Manufaktura Lotnicza Sp. z o.o


Airfield EPLS

J&J Team S.C.

ul. Szybowników 28

64-100 Leszno


Demo aircraft -   ARGON 915 iS


Mobile: +48  695 370 701



Leszno Lotnisko EPLS

Leszno Lotnisko EPLS


 MANUFAKTURA Lotnicza Sp z o o

EPSJ Lądowisko Sobienie Szlacheckie k. Warszawy


VAT : 1231453446 | Regon: 384715359 KRS:0000807708

Sąd Rejonowy dla Warszawy XIV Wydział Gospodarczy



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