The design of this new line of engines was based around critical issues such as reliability, light weight, excellent performance, a direct propeller drive and modern, proven technology.


Thanks to the electronic engine management and multi point fuel injection, a state of the art ECU (complies to the RTCA/DO-160D STANDARD) which has several built-in safety features , automatic altitude and air temperature compensation for optimal fuel and power efficiency, automatic choke and an electronic RPM limiter , you can lift off feeling completely safe.


The UL 260 is an all round engine with an impressive power-to-weight ratio. Thanks to its compact dimensions it can easily be installed in single seated airplanes.


Weight: 72.3kg            Horsepower: 97hp

This engine has all ready-to-fly features and has a perfect budget/quality ratio.

As it supports Avgas, Mogas 98 but also Mogas 95 it can be used all over the world.


Weight: 72.3kg            Horsepower: 107hp

The UL260IS is basically an UL260i engine modified to a higher compression ratio. It runs on Avgas or Mogas 98.



Weight: 74.8kg            Horsepower: 107hp

Thanks to our electronic RPM limiter, UL260ISA can fly inverted for hours and hours without danger of over-running.


Weight: 72.3kg            Horsepower: 100hp

HP have been electronically limited to 100 HP for homologation issues.

It runs on Avgas or Mogas 98.



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