Thanks to a slightly bigger design (+8 cm / 3.15 inch wider compared to the UL260), ULPower have succeeded in increasing the power to 130 hp.



Weight: 78.4kg            Horsepower: 118hp

This engine has all ready-to-fly features and has a perfect budget/quality ratio.

As it supports Avgas, Mogas 98 but also Mogas 95 it can be used all over the world.


Weight: 78.4kg            Horsepower: 130hp

The UL350IS is basically an UL350I engine modified to a higher compression ratio. It runs on Avgas or Mogas 98.



Weight: 81kg            Horsepower: 130hp

Thanks to our electronic RPM limiter, UL350ISA can fly inverted for hours and hours without danger of over-running.


Weight: 82.4kg            Horsepower: 150hp

Thanks to the modified camshaft and inlet collector the UL350IHPS generates up to 150HP at 3500 rpm. This forced cooling system has an integrated oil radiator.



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