The ARGON GEO is a customised aircraft that supports an Ultralight Measurement System, incorporating aerial laser scanning, adhering to the new 560 kg MTOW regulations.


The Aerial Ultralight Measurement System is a high-precision measuring platform that integrates an active laser sensor and a photogrammetric camera with an INS / GNSS system, aided ground segment, mobile reference station and mobile meteorological information system.


The primary task is to obtain a three-dimensional, dense cloud of points with known X, Y and Z co-ordinates combined with high-resolution colour photographs.  The data, after processing, are used primarily for the production of Numerical Terrain and Coverage Models and orthophotomaps.


System Advantages:


- High precision

- High scanning speed of 200 lines / sec

-  Pulse frequency up to 380 kHz

-  Narrow beam, hence high spatial resolution, of the laser

-  Possibility to register multiple beam ejection - unlimited number of echoes of a single beam

-  Compact and lightweight

-  Fast and accurate measurement of large objects

-  High accuracy (comparable to classic geodetic measurements)

-  The ability to scan hard-to-reach places and in industrial plants by remote sensing

- Easy access to measurement data

-  Measurement independent of lighting

-  Automation of the computational process (automatic alignment, 3D sections and 3D models).


Air laser scanning – applications:


- Road construction

- Inventory and surveying of roads

- Road gauge measurements

- Measurements of deformation and displacement of viaducts and bridges

- Acquisition of 3D models for acoustic mapping

- Mapping for design purposes and as-built maps

- Assessment of technical condition of the pavement

- Inventory of collisions and road accidents

- Detection and measurement of structural components

- Detecting and analysing objects related to organisational movement



  • Measurements of deformations and displacements
  • Creating faithful 3D models of pipelines, heating systems
  • Object monitoring
  • Inventory of industrial installations and production halls
  • Calculating the volume of earth masses



  • Precise object mapping
  • Inventory documentation
  • Examination of deformation of buildings
  • Analysis of the structure of buildings
  • 3D models, visualizations
  • Orthophosphates



  • Measurements of railway tunnels and gauges
  • Collision testing
  • Inventory of railway infrastructure
  • Track geometry measurements



  • Inventory documentation
  • Investigation of deformation of mining infrastructure elements
  • Optimization of transport of waste and logistics





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